Practice for the Finish

The 3 Step System and 12 Week Course is Changing the Way Harp Players Everywhere Are Learning to Practice and Perform New Pieces.


This may surprise you as much as it surprised me...
Many Harpists, Even Experienced Ones, Don’t Have a Single Piece Ready to Perform Because They Never Learned to Practice for the Finish!

And I believe it's because most people have simply never been taught
HOW to practice!

Most Harpists Have a “Broken” Practice Plan

Dear Fellow Harpist and Friend,

The harp truly is a joy to play. An instrument of beauty in aesthetic and sound that’s a wonder to hear. That’s the feeling I have every day as I play, practice and perform.

My harp journey has had ups and downs, as I’m sure yours has too, but the happiness the harp has brought me has been worth it all.

My passion for the harp takes me all over the country. Performing, teaching, attending conferences and working with everyone from individuals and chamber musicians to orchestras. At events over the last few years, I started to hear something shocking you may be able to relate to…

Most harpists have nothing prepared to play.

Here’s a question that I’ve been asking many amateur players lately: Do you have a piece that you are ready to play—right now?

If a friend came over, if you decided to pack up and head out for a community music event, if you were asked to audition, or if you went somewhere where there was a harp, ready to play and you were asked to… 

Do you have a piece you are prepared to play?

Think about it: How often do you put a piece away if it becomes too difficult to make progress? How often to you encounter phrases and passages you can’t master? You make it through the first measures of a piece, get to the middle, and just give up.

Could this be why it’s so difficult to progress as a harpist? I think it is!

I'd like to help by teaching you how to
Practice for the Finish.

An Innovative 3-Step System Guides You to the Confident and Beautiful Harp Playing You’ve Dreamed About

Designed for beginner and intermediate harpists who are tired of feeling like their practicing isn’t getting them the progress they need, Practice for the Finish guides you to complete mastery of a 3-step process you’ll use again and again to build your own personal repertoire of pieces to play.

You begin by choosing a piece you'd like to finish. The Discovery Survey that you take before the course begins helps you make your selection. Then we dive into the lessons.

Proper Practice

During your first 3 weeks of the course, you’ll organize your time, learn how to laser-focus your efforts, adjust your schedule, set goals and avoid the distractions that keep your practice sessions from being productive. At the same time, we begin implementing those techniques into your practice of your chosen piece.

Essential Skills

Next, I’ll guide you through techniques from my Kaleidoscope Practice system. These are designed to develop your skills in the critical areas that will create immediate improvements and long-term growth in your playing. More importantly, these are the practice strategies that allow you to PLAY your piece, not just practice it.

Achievable Goals

As I guide you through the process of setting and achieving goals, you will learn to use benchmarks to mark your progress on your piece.You will take your piece through the finishing steps and  experience the satisfaction of taking that piece from start to finish. You’ll be prepared for an incredible performance you’ll be confident to share with family, friends, or your community!

At Less Than $42 a Lesson, Are You Ready to Practice for the Finish?

Master the lifelong skills you’ll need to pick up any piece and learn to play it fluently without the frustration that tempts you to give up and set it down. The piece you’ll finish in the course is merely the vehicle; the system will stay with you forever! We want to make enrolling easy too. You can pay for the course in a single payment, or in three low monthly payments.

Here is What is Included

Practice for the Finish has a wealth of information in lessons, videos and pdfs. But the personal instruction is what makes this course so powerful... at less than $42 per lesson!


Lessons, Videos and PDFs

The course contains 12 lessons with over 20 videos and more than 50 PDFs. The videos are all downloadable so you can save them to your computer and watch them whenever you want. The PDFs are download and print assignments, checklists, exercises, music examples - everything you need to put the system into action.


Monthly Video "Homework"

At three points during the course, I will encourage you to submit a video of you playing your piece. I’ll personally watch your video, then I’ll provide specific advice, technical guidance and the step-by-step personalized path you can take to improve your playing. That way I can help you stay on track to accomplish your goals and get that piece finished!


Monthly Q and A Calls

Don’t waste a single second trying to figure it out on your own! Each month, I invite you to participate on a live Q and A Training Call with me and our community. Together we'll tackle any challenges you are facing or questions you have about implementing the system. Instruction and accountability are key to your progress.

Start Practicing for the Finish Today

Join me and let’s learn your piece together! Let’s get it finished and then you can use that same system to learn any piece you want from start to end. The class will be starting soon so don't delay!


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