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My Harp Mastery is the online community dedicated to helping harpists like you find more satisfaction and fulfillment in their harp playing - that's harp happiness!


Avoid the
"Hills and Valleys"

Any learning process, even harp study, has its ups and downs. But My Harp Mastery follows a curriculum designed to maximize your progress and minimize your frustration.


Sometimes the energy flows easily, but often it's hard to stay motivated. My Harp Mastery keeps you connected and on a positive path to progress.

Fill In
The Gaps

"You don't know what you don't know." Silly sounding, but oh, so true. Having access to a community of colleagues and experts ensures you're not just spinning your wheels.

Membership Has Its Privileges

My Harp Mastery is radically different from any one-off course you might have tried. It's an ongoing mastery experience, whether your personal goal is playing in Carnegie Hall or just playing music you love for your own enjoyment.

Here's what our members enjoy...

  • Easy-to-follow Monthly Mastery Themes that cover all the harp playing bases… Each week you'll find a new video with actionable steps you can include in your practice so that you can maximize your practice time and achieve your goals faster.
  • Weekly LIVE Q & A sessions so that you can ask me anything you want and get the live assistance, support, and encouragement you need to stay on track, eliminate confusion, and make the most of your practice time!
  • Laser-focused Spotlight Courses that each include inspiring video introductions and simple, actionable steps that will kick start an aspect of your harp playing and musicianship.
  • Complete access to my PDF Library featuring drills, charts, and graphics you can use to review and freshen up your practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Exclusive members-only discounts and limited special offers for our insiders.

PLUS, My Harp Mastery membership also includes the Etude a Day Course and the Kaleidoscope Practice Ebook.


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